Alonso Loera

Experience Designer

III. Plotting the interface landscape


Moving from sketching to wireframing is the next step of refinement. Here is where our product team plotted out the user flow in a blueprint UI format. No branding was used in order to prevent our testers from losing focus on the purpose of the eventual prototype: the level of usability. We eliminated the majority of pain points found in the desktop platform, simplified the overall experience, and the UX team was able to implement the test phase.
Wireframe for mobile test site
Interaction/user flow for iOS app


With the collaborative efforts of our product team, we developed the mobile test site and tested the experience with real users of the platform, both current and prospective. None of the visual elements were finalized, as we wanted to keep the functionality at the forefront for continued user feedback.
Screenshots of mobile test site


After several test subjects poked and prodded through our test site, while simultaneously timing their experiences, we were able to compare the current desktop platform with the new mobile experience of onboarding and event creation. The improvement in signup time allowed for less sales contact with business owners/managers, more interactivity through the use of the app, and further validated the usefulness of building a mobile app that can be distributed widely to the public, and be a leader in the mobile wallet functionality across any device.
Average sign up time using desktop site:  35 minutes
Average sign up time using mobile site: 5 minutes

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