Alonso Loera

Experience Designer

Interaction that engages the user


As the lead UX researcher and interaction designer, Quipley then moved forward into the UI, and worked exclusively with the visual designer and developers from then on. I continued to explore other projects, and dove into some personal side projects as well.


Open is an upcoming iOS social app that will change how we engage with both friends and local businesses. The aim is to improve on the social experience, whether it be spontaneous and in the moment or planning ahead. Follow Apply Studios to learn more.
Open Logo
Open UI


A local non-profit, Civic Innovation Lab aims to lead the charge towards social impact and bring tech minded creators to the public space. As a Fellow, I wrangle the social media and web presence for the Lab, and aided in the launch of the responsive site. I helped to architect the user flow, site map and layout, as well as building the submission forms to engage the social community to action around the Lab's chosen initiatives. You can view the responsive website here.
Civic Innovation Lab


Below is the UI deck and clickable prototype for a concept task manager app intended for native mobile development. The proof of concept is meant to showcase the interactions and functionality of the application with added visual design similar to a deployable product. You can view the clickable prototype here.
Done Logo (Concept)
Done UI (Concept)